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About Us

Pelican Guano Motorsports was formed in 2004 in order to give refuge to non-elitists and people that were not accepted into most upscale vintage motorcycle clubs. Most of our members have been shunned and denied membership by almost every group. The few that would accept some of our members must have had quota issues to deal with. We are committed to equal rights for all bikes. Yes separate but equal. We believe that a post vintage bike deserves the same attention as a vintage bike and deserves the same access to race tracks and organizational support.

Just because most AHRMA trustees, I mean people, make a living selling parts, bikes and services to the vintage community doesn't mean that they need to try and eliminate or make life difficult for the post vintage generation. PGM came into existence to give back to the vintage and post vintage community. We have no products or services for sale. We are involved in promoting weekend events on the west coast of all disciplines vintage, post vintage, trials and cross country . All PGM events feature multiple disciplines and provide a weekend of entertainment always allowing both vintage and post vintage MX bikes the opportunity to ride every day. In 2007 we brought the west coast, races at the world famous Washougal , Wash and the ultimate bike weekend at Bodnar ranch, Oregon. In 2008 we are looking to add one additional race to our offerings as well as a 5 day MX mens camp in the spring. This mens camp will offer 5 solid days of riding the 3 different MX tracks at Bodnar Ranch as well as a daily X country and trials traps for those interested. Evening group barbeque and nightly free micro brew will be enjoyed by all 40 participants.

This website and the gallery of our collection is our way to give back to all the vintage and post vintage motorcycle community for all they have given us. Our museum is open to the public on a reservation basis. Our facility features 8,000 square feet of work space for our members and 2,000 square feet to house the museum and 350 square feet of video games to race MX on the play stations and BS. We are centrally located several blocks from our local micro brewery and equal distance from the police station.

When you get to know the members of Pelican Guano race team, you will understand why our motto is "why soar with eagles when you can drink, I mean, race with the pelicans"

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