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Centurion Collection

I think you will agree that this 4 bike collection has never been seen together before. In the same room are the 3 Concourse quality Centurions in the race trim they were known for in the day. Moto Cross, Dirt Track, and Road race. In addition is the precursor of the Centurion the big brother 238 Scrambler, called the Greenstreak.

We felt that if we had the CZ Falta collection with all 3 Faltas ever made, (125,250,400) why not do a Centurion collection of all 3 trims they were raced in. But it wouldnt have been complete til we found the big brother to sit with them in the same room.


Kawasaki Centurion Collection
Point at a small image for a medium one, click on the medium image to see a large one.

Kawasaki Centurion Collection Kawasaki Centurion Collection Kawasaki Centurion Collection

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