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1975 Indian
MT 125 MX

One day a guy walked into daves shop in Anderson, CA and asked if he wanted to buy an old bike. He returned later that day and money changed hands. Dave did a minor restoration to clean it up and put it on Ebay. Xmas came early for the pelican as this beauty was in the roost before New Years. When Dave saw our website on line he drove the bike up to our museum in order to see all the other bikes in person. Thanks Dave we appreciate your help. She is currently undergoing a full restoration and will be restored to her original glamor. By the way she runs like a raped ape and starts first kick.

1975 Indian MT 125 MX
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1975 Indian MT 125 MX 1975 Indian MT 125 MX 1975 Indian MT 125 MX 1975 Indian MT 125 MX
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