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1974 Yamaha
YZ 125

Billy Sekulich found this bike in some guys garage. He bought it new for his wife but it had to much power for her. He added an extra head gasket thinking that would slow it down. When it didnt he threw it into the garage to sit. All these years later Billy found it and sent it west. Cody Tellis redid the plastic that was suffering from age rash but the rest of the bike is 100% original down to the original tires. If you look carefully we havent even cleaned it yet as it still has the old grease and dirt on it in places. That will make for another project when time permits. as it sits now it is a true unmolested original with a slight face lift.

1974 Yamaha YZ 125
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1974 Yamaha YZ 125 1974 Yamaha YZ 125 1974 Yamaha YZ 125 1974 Yamaha YZ 125 1974 Yamaha YZ 125
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