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1973 Rupp 125 MX

This bike is as you can tell a total ground up concourse restoration by John Kovalcik. We were given the bike by Rik Smits in Indianna and we sent it to John to do his magic. Not being familiar with this bike he was awed by what the RUPP featured. He say that this bike was easily the most technologically advanced bike of its time. From zirc fittings to the quality of construction it is an engineering masterpiece. The Rupp company in Ohio is one of the worlds largest pump manufactures. They manufactured some bikes when the owners son had an interest in motocross. They spared no expense to produce a top quality product. Its handling is second to none. Its exhaust is the best constructed vintage exhaust we have seen. Just the pure attention to detail makes this bike a true gem. Yes it has the normal Sachs engine malady of shifting but boy does this bike move and handle. Besides that it is very nice looking. We hope you enjoy this bike also.

1973 Rupp 125 MX
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1973 Rupp 125 MX 1973 Rupp 125 MX 1973 Rupp 125 MX 1973 Rupp 125 MX 1973 Rupp 125 MX 1973 Rupp 125 MX 1973 Rupp 125 MX 1973 Rupp 125 MX
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