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Dalesman 125MX

What makes this bike so rare? Well there were many Dalesman enduros with Sachs engines and sporting red with black trim colors and almost as many Dalesman trails bikes; but no one I know ever saw the 125MX. It is a Dalesman frame with the typical British hubs and finishing touches and a powerful 4 speed Puch MX close ratio engine. It is fitted with a unique downpipe. This bike has such a high ground clearance that it looks awkward but it sure saves the exhaust. You can see the core bike that Billy Sekulich provided us with. Cody Tellis did the initial restoration work before it was sent to John Kovalcik to do the detail finish work. No one builds a bike like John. When we got the core bike we had to work from pictures as no one knew where we could find a bike to work from. After we started the restoration on this bike, John Bergeron from New Mexico provided a very nice original bike to us which served as our reference on the finishing details. We have included a picture of it as well with its yellow number plates.

When the bike came out it was priced at over $1,100. Between its cost, parts availability, and the cost to repair the damage one crash could do to the unibody, this bike did not become popular. Even though highly rated by Rick Seamans, it is another example of british iron that became obsolete.

Thanks to Larry Hdlaki for all his photos and input on this project!

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