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1971 Ossa
TT Scrambler

The Ossa Stiletto is one of the most beautiful spanish bikes ever conceived. It features a 5-speed transmission and shifts from the correct side. In the early 70s, right side shifts was the norm. Ossa and CZ had a left side shift way back in 1970 and before. The rationale was in dirt track with the competitor always making a left hand turn a right side shifter was a benefit. Us motocross people learned that a left side shift was more efficient and it took several years for the industry to follow.

This white fiberglass construction is fragile but lightweight and so very attractive. The engine is second to none and will hold its own against any bike in its class. The handling is a dream. The Spanish bikes of the day were almost as attractive as their women.

1971 Ossa TT Scrambler
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1971 Ossa TT Scrambler 1971 Ossa TT Scrambler

1971 Ossa TT Scrambler 1971 Ossa TT Scrambler

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