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1970 Bultaco
Sherpa S 100
Model 30

In 1970 the 100 was in its prime. The 125 class was 2 years off hitting its stride. Hodaka had just introduced the Super Rat after just stepping up from the Ace 90. The major Japanese bikes werenít competitive in moto cross with the Suzuki TS 90 and the Kawasaki G31m putting out huge horse power, but with a light switch for a power band and bad handling. This bike was the cheater in the class and the clear winner, if you could afford one in the day. It sported great handling, a smooth manageable power plant, and was purpose built for one thing: to win moto cross races. Kenny Zahrt started on this bike as did other Bultaco riders in the day.

We started this project in 2005 and obtained the core bike in 2008. We started receiving a lot of emails as word spread as people hadnít seen one in ages. Yes it was almost impossible to source the needed parts but we have and here you have the bike everyone has wanted to see.

The engine was completely rebuilt by John Kovalcik in Arizona. The bike was disassembled, the frame was fixed and powder coated by Air Filtration Systems, Nicky Trevino in Oroville, CA. The tank and shocks were restored and made perfect by Ric Tipton. All of this would have gone for naught but for the help of matt Hilgenberg of Speed and Sport. Matt made the wheel sets (arenít they beautiful). He also rebuilt the front forks, made the aluminum side panels and provided the engine parts for the engine as well as all the cables, bars, shop manuals, etc.

I guess the bike turned out nice as I have received two offers on the bike before it had been finished. If you knew how hard it was to source the parts you would know why it wont be sold, since we will never be able to build another.

 1970 Bultaco Sherpa S 100
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1970 Bultaco Sherpa S 100 1970 Bultaco Sherpa S 100 1970 Bultaco Sherpa S 100 1970 Bultaco Sherpa S 100 1970 Bultaco Sherpa S 100 1970 Bultaco Sherpa S 100 1970 Bultaco Sherpa S 100 1970 Bultaco Sherpa S 100
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